Paul's story

Paul’s diagnosis was toxic and hypoxic brain damage at the age of age 20. The injury rendered Paul immobile and dependent on others for all activities of care and daily living.

Paul was referred to our team where he underwent inpatient rehabilitation in a partner unit, followed by a community based intensive package where our team was able to follow him into his new home.

With the support of his family and friends, and with the right level of therapeutic intervention, in the right place, at the right time, Paul has been able to achieve a much greater level of independence and is working and learning to drive.​

The impact of Paul's injury

Testimonial-logoPaul required significant support in being able to sit and maintain his position. He had a manual wheelchair which needed to be very large, and later he described people seeing the chair rather than the person sat in it.

Testimonial-logoHe needed to be transferred using a hoist.

Testimonial-logoPaul had abnormal muscle tone which meant that he had very stiff legs, kicking out into spasm when they were moved or jolted.

Testimonial-logoPaul’s memory and ability to initiate request were affected, meaning he was a passive recipient to his care requiring assistance in all aspects of his life.

Paul's goals

Testimonial-logoThe ability to be able to sit unsupported and be able to play the drums again was a huge driver for Paul.

Testimonial-logoHe always wanted to be able to walk again despite being told from the beginning that he would need a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Testimonial-logoPaul’s determination shone throughout his rehabilitation and he was motivated to get back to education or work.

Testimonial-logoHe simply wanted to be Paul again.

Paul's progress

Paul has exceeded everyone’s expectations time and time again meaning goals and expectations have been revisited. To date though he has been able to progress to walking for short periods independently using his walking frame. He is now working, in fact working for the NHS, and paying back into society.

One of Paul’s greatest achievements to date was to play a set at a music festival in front of thousands of people, and he continues to play live with his band White Dove.  Another personal achievement is that on the 10th October 2019, he married his long term partner, Rachel.