Parent company praises Neural Pathways

Neural Pathways, a subsidiary company of Active Assistance which is the Montreux Healthcare Fund’s operating company, has been praised for winning the Health Investor award for “Community Support Provider of the Year”. The Health Investor Awards promote excellence and recognise innovation within the independent healthcare sector.

The judges cited Neural Pathways for: “Bringing together a diverse team of experts to pioneer and innovate new treatments and technologies.” They placed specific focus on the ‘Virtual Rehabilitation Beds’ concept which allows effective care of service users with complex needs from home. There is an increasing body of research which references environmental influences on rehabilitation as being crucial and, hence, the ability to deliver home care to service users with such high acuity is life changing.

Oliver Harris, CEO, Montreux Capital Management (UK), stated: “We are very pleased to see Neural Pathways has received this award. Care Quality is the very core of what we do and so it is very encouraging for everyone involved that this hard work has been rewarded. We recognise and champion the difference that innovative approaches and technological change can have on this sector; we will continue to push boundaries to improve front line care in our business.

“Active Assistance’s award cabinet is growing ever larger and we hope that our day to day successes continue to be recognised on a national level.”