Working in partnership with Neural Pathways, Parkinson’s UK in the North East are launching their High Intensity Heroes Programme on Monday 10th September 2018 at the Newburn Leisure Centre.

Taking inspiration from the innovative PD Warrior programme, High Intensity Heroes uses exercise to slow Parkinson’s down. This pilot programme is designed to improve function, quality of life and to inspire a person’s long-term exercise behaviour, especially if they have only recently been diagnosed.

The High Intensity Heroes programme will use a unique combination of physical and cognitive activities to drive natural ability of the individual’s brain to re-wire itself. The programme not only re-trains your brain, it also helps you to get

  • Stronger & fitter
  • Better core strength
  • better at doing more than one thing at the same time
  • better at maintaining your balance and preventing falls
  • better well being/mindfulness

The programme will be delivered by Louise Humes – Specialist Neuro-Physio, Neural Pathways, and included in the programme will initial assessments, goal setting and a final achievement session.

For further details contact Viv Rogerson – Parkinsons UK or ring 0300 123 3670