For the 4th year running, Neural Pathways have been shortlisted for Health Investor Awards in the Social Care Category of Community Support Provider of the Year.

In 2019, Neural Pathways opened The Neuro Hub, a unique and specialist neurological rehabilitation space that aspires to transform the landscape of community rehabilitation for those who use it. Based in the North East of England, The Neuro Hub offers
– innovative, evidence-based rehabilitation for people with neurological impairments
– access to cutting edge rehabilitation equipment and technologies
– training and skills sharing with like minded professionals

Rehabilitation at The Neuro Hub is based on the latest emerging research, which indicates that people with neurological impairments who undertake an individualised rehabilitation programme at a clinically meaningful intensity can
– improve their gross and fine motor skills such as strength, balance, stamina, reach and fine finger dexterity and
– improve physical efficiency and reduce effort during activities such as walking
Research also indicates that intensive exercise can provide a neuro protective effect helping people with neurological impairments to stay physically well.

Rehabilitation Programmes at The Neuro Hub are built to suit each person’s existing skills, abilities and agreed goals, with time spent in therapy ranging from 5 to 60 hours spread over several weeks. Once a client’s needs have been assessed, our specialist team prescribe the programme that meets their needs from one of our four programme areas including
– Gait Training including Exoskeleton and Virtual Reality Augmented Treadmill training
– Arm & Hand Training including Constraint Induced Movement Therapy
– Pain Management including neuro acupuncture and CBT for movement avoidance
– Staying Well including circuit training for wheelchair users