Due to COVID-19, and with the Government introducing a lockdown process on the 23rd March 2020, many people have been isolated alongside their families at home. During this time Neural Pathways staff have been working with a high degree of flexibility, working innovatively with their clients, and adapting their delivery of therapy sessions by using a number of different video platforms. This has ensured that their clients have been able to continue their neurorehabilitation.

Throughout this period, Neural Pathways recognised that staff morale, and that of case managers, and solicitors involved with the clients was of paramount importance.  With that in mind, Jill Kings – Clinical Director and the Senior Management Team at Neural Pathways came up with the idea of holding a quiz which would be open to all those who work in the neurorehabilitation field in the North East & Cumbria – the idea of a Neural Pathways Super Quiz was born!

Alastair WhiteNeural Pathways’ Business Development Lead, was tasked with putting the quiz together, hosting it on Zoom, and inviting team across the region. He was a bit conservative at first, initially approaching around 20 people, but interest grew and by the end there were over 70 people participating!

To find out more about the fun that was had, please follow the link below:

Neural Pathways host Super Quiz

Alastair White – Quizmaster extraordinaire!