Creating Neural Pathways

Understanding neuroplasticity

Programmes of treatment are created to suit each individuals existing skills, abilities and agreed goals, session length and frequency will be discussed at the assessment phase.

Neurological Rehabilitation:

Rehabilitation following an insult to your brain or spinal cord can take place both in our Neuro Hub as well as in a community setting.

Following an in depth assessment by one of our therapists the clients rehabilitation needs will be identified and SMART (specific, measurable achievable, realistic and timely) , goals will be set to achieve the outcome that both the client and the therapist identify together.

The treatment programme will be tailored to each client’s needs and desired outcomes. This could take place mostly in The Neuro Hub or in the community, however therapy could be a combination of Rehab Hub sessions and community sessions depending on the agreed goals and the most suitable environment in which to achieve them.

It has long been recognised that the best outcomes in rehabilitation are achieved through intensity of treatment. Our technology equipment enhances the specialist skills of our therapists to achieve maximum functional potential for our clients.

We can also provide intense rehabilitation consisting of up to 4 hours a day 5 days a week. This can be organised into sessions that are fitting for our client dependent on the goals set during assessment.

The Neuro Hub

The Neuro Hub offers a variety of innovative equipment and rehabilitation technologies and can access the latest pioneering treatment kit that is often out of reach to people after injury.

Due to our unique relationship with our technology partners, we are able to access highly specialised equipment as it emerges and engage with them in looking at the outcomes available to our clients.

Amputee Rehabilitation:

Our amputee rehabilitation service is quite unique. Here at Neural Pathways, we work hand in hand with STEPS Prosthetics. STEPS Prosthetics is based in Sheffield but run a satellite clinic here in Gateshead where they assess new clients and review existing ones. These clients are then seen by our Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist to undergo rehabilitation with their prosthetic and regain their independence.

We use the same method of goal setting and outcome measurement as we do for our Neurological Rehabilitation clients.

In the Rehab Hub we have a C Mill treadmill, a powerful tool for more efficient rehabilitation. It is used for functional balance, gait and gait adaptability in different situations. Our C-Mill delivers a safe and comfortable environment combining a treadmill with augmented and virtual reality, and a fall system or bodyweight support system. This tool allows us to train clients for everyday life’s environments and changing circumstances, like walking in a crowded area and avoiding obstacles.

Community Rehabilitation

Some clients either do not need or do not wish to engage with the Rehab Hub, or need to progress their function into community settings. In this case, then we assess and treat in the community. It may be that a client is having issues with functioning in the community, for example accessing public transport; or struggling with tasks at home.

Assessment takes the same form as for our Rehab Hub clients, with goals being set following an in depth assessment., with goals being set, monitored and measured to ensure the best possible outcome.

Kingly Care Partnership

Neural Pathways works side by side with Kibblesworth Specialist Care Centre providing rehabilitation for clients who require in-patient rehabilitation following either a brain or spinal cord injury or a polytraumatic event.

Clients are transferred from an acute setting following an assessment form staff at Kibblesworth and a senior member of staff from Neural Pathways. They are then transferred to the unit for further assessment, goal setting and treatment.

The Kibblesworth clients are supported by skilled and caring staff who work hand in hand with our therapists to ensure that there is always a therapeutic overview to their care. Our therapists are present every day and there is a designated therapy area. Clients at Kibblesworth may also access our Neuro Hub.

Kibblesworth also houses a transitional living flat to enable clients to live independently in a controlled setting before they integrate back into the community.

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