How Rehabilitation Looks at Neural Pathways?

Welcome to The Neuro Hub

The Neuro Hub is a unique, specialist rehabilitation clinic/gym. It houses technology, which delivered by skilled and experienced therapists, will enhance the rehabilitation journey and outcome for all our clients, enabling them to translate the skills they re-learn following their injury, into their lives and leisure in the community.

Welcome to The Neuro Hub

Based in Gateshead in the Northeast of England, the Neuro Hub was opened in 2016, and has grown into a cutting-edge technology enhanced facility.

  • innovative, evidence-based rehabilitation for people with neurological impairments
  • access to cutting edge rehabilitation equipment and technologies
  • training and skills sharing with likeminded professionals

Anyone who has experienced a neurological insult or traumatic loss of limb can access this facility. We will be able to assess and offer tailor made rehabilitation programmes. We treat a wide range of conditions and listed below is just some of them, however it is always better to give us a call to discuss your needs

  • Stroke
  • Head Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Acquired Brain Injury
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Upper Limb Loss
  • Lower Limb Loss
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinsons
  • MND including PLS
  • Poly traumatic Injury

How does this work?

Research has proven time and again that individualised, targeted rehabilitation at a clinically meaningful intensity can improve functional ability.

Our highly specialised therapists will utilise a combination of “hands on” therapy and technology to address the issues identified in the assessment.

Your progress can be taken into a community setting and we work closely with local facilities to enable integration back to chosen fitness and leisure activities.

Enabling our clients to function in their own homes can be achieved as our therapists work in the community to facilitate activities of daily living that will increase independence.

Baseline ability will be measured and monitored closely throughout the rehabilitation journey to track progress and encourage positivity!

This amounts to enabling our clients to

  • Improve their physical skills such as strength, balance and stamina
  • Improve physical efficiency and reduce effort during such activities as walking, shopping and engaging in sports
  • Improve hand and arm function including shoulder and arm function and enhancing hand and finger dexterity

What rehabilitation programmes are offered by The Neuro Hub

Our programmes look at four key areas of rehabilitation

All our programmes are unique and are built to meet the needs of each client. Depending upon their individual needs, some clients undertaking one programme and others complete all four.

What equipment does The Neuro Hub have?

We offer a variety of innovative equipment and rehabilitation technologies and can access the latest pioneering treatment kit that is often out of reach to people after neurological impairment. Due to our unique relationship with our technology partners, we are able to access highly specialist rehabilitation kit and have access to new rehabilitation technologies as they emerge. Some of our specialist equipment currently available

  • The Indego Exoskeleton
  • MotoMed FES assisted upper and lower limb bike
  • Multi-channel Functional Electrical Stimulation
  • Saebo upper limb technologies including FES, Reach and Flex
  • Constraint Induced Movement Therapy stations
  • Specialist Neuro Orthotics
  • alongside static bikes, floor mats and plinths, parallel bars and other exercise equipment.

If you would like to try a specific piece of kit, let us know and we will see if we can access it for you* to use at The Neuro Hub. * Additional charges may apply

Research and collaboration at The Neuro Hub

As The Neuro Hub is the only centre of its kind in the North East of England, we are eager to enable as many people to benefit from its specialist facilities.

We work in collaboration with local Universities to undertake pioneering research exploring

  • the best ‘dosage’ of exercise for people with neurological impairments
  • the impact of technology assisted rehabilitation on clinical outcomes
  • the psychological impact of regular exercise for people with progressive neurological conditions

We also work in partnership with local charities and are keen to run shared projects and training events.

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