Welcome to The Neuro Hub

The Neuro Hub is a unique and specialist neurological rehabilitation clinic/gym space that aspires to transform the landscape of community rehabilitation for those who use it.

Welcome to The Neuro Hub

Based in the North East of England, The Neuro Hub opened in November 2019.  The Neuro Hub creates neural networks by providing:

  • innovative, evidence-based rehabilitation for people with neurological impairments
  • access to cutting edge rehabilitation equipment and technologies
  • training and skills sharing with likeminded professionals

Who is The Neuro Hub for?

Anyone with a neurological impairment who can travel to its facility can refer themselves to The Neuro Hub. We are able to assess and offer tailor-made programmes or rehabilitation for people with any neurological problem including:

  • Stroke
  • Brain Injury
  • Spinal Injury
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis

How does rehabilitation at The Neuro Hub Work?

Research shows that undertaking an individualised rehabilitation programme at a clinically meaningful intensity can help people with neurological impairment to:

  • improve their physical skills such as strength, balance, stamina.
  • improve physical efficiency and reduce effort during activities such as walking.
  • improve hand and arm function including reach and fine finger dexterity

Research also indicates that intensive exercise can provide a neuro protective effect slowing the progression of diseases such as Parkinson’s and helping  people with Multiple Sclerosis to stay physically well.

What rehabilitation programmes are offered by The Neuro Hub

Our programmes look at four key areas of rehabilitation

All our programmes are unique and are built to meet the needs of each client. Depending upon their individual needs, some clients undertaking one programme and others complete all four.

What equipment does The Neuro Hub have?

We offer a variety of innovative equipment and rehabilitation technologies and can access the latest pioneering treatment kit that is often out of reach to people after neurological impairment. Due to our unique relationship with our technology partners, we are able to access highly specialist rehabilitation kit and have access to new rehabilitation technologies as they emerge. Some of our specialist equipment currently available

  • The Indego Exoskeleton
  • MotoMed FES assisted upper and lower limb bike
  • Multi-channel Functional Electrical Stimulation
  • Saebo upper limb technologies including FES, Reach and Flex
  • Constraint Induced Movement Therapy stations
  • Specialist Neuro Orthotics
  • alongside static bikes, floor mats and plinths, parallel bars and other exercise equipment.

If you would like to try a specific piece of kit, let us know and we will see if we can access it for you* to use at The Neuro Hub. * Additional charges may apply

How often will I need to come to The Neuro Hub?

As programmes are built to suit each person’s existing skills, abilities and agreed goals, session length and frequencies will range from

  • One session per day – 1 hour one to one therapy session
  • Half Day – two 45 minute therapy sessions each day with a 30 minute break
  • Full Day – four 45 minute therapy sessions each day with breaks as needed

Once your needs have been assessed, we will prescribe the programme will suit your needs and how often we think you need therapy at The Neuro Hub

Research and collaboration at The Neuro Hub

As The Neuro Hub is the only centre of its kind in the North East of England, we are eager to enable as many people to benefit from its specialist facilities.

We work in collaboration with local Universities to undertake pioneering research exploring

  • the best ‘dosage’ of exercise for people with neurological impairments
  • the impact of technology assisted rehabilitation on clinical outcomes
  • the psychological impact of regular exercise for people with progressive neurological conditions

We also work in partnership with local charities and are keen to run shared projects and training events.

Where to find us…

Have a question?

We are here to help. Email: info@neuralpathways.co.uk us or call 0333 0069015