About us

Supporting our clients

We provide therapy for adults and children with any neurological condition including:

– acquired brain injury
– cerebral palsy
– genetic neurological disorders
– Parkinson’s
– amputees

– spinal injury
– functional neurological disorders
– stroke
– Multiple Sclerosis

and many more neurological conditions, just call and ask. With many years of experience in the field, we know that opportunities for change exist no matter what stage a client is at in their rehabilitation. We believe that under the right circumstances and with the right support, rehabilitation can make a big difference.

Emphasis is placed on achievement and success whilst recognising limitations and encouraging creative thinking to overcome them where possible. We are happy to work alongside other therapy providers, with people whose needs are too complex to be met by non-specialist providers or fill gaps in statutory services where they occur.

We understand that the client knows most about their day to day problems. We use a self-management approach to rehabilitation whenever this is possible, and are happy to design and run client, family and care team education sessions as required.

Have a question?

We are here to help. Email: info@neural-pathways.co.uk us or call 0333 0069015